Big plans Charlotte?

Found on LinkedIn


What’s this?

A job posting in Raleigh for someone to go conduct M&A on behalf of Charlotte.


clt says connect the dots…

Assa Abloy is buying a lot of the personnel door and dock equipment suppliers/installers. This has been going on for years already so it appears they are ramping up to start a new round of acquisitions.

Can confirm there is a merger/acquisition in progress.

They had the best name in the industry for residential garage doors–Overhead Door–yet they started using Assa Abloy instead. Nobody knows what that means, and even if you recognize it, who would know it off the top of their head? Dumb move.

Well to be fair, Overhead Door was acquired by Assa Abbloy.

Right, but if you acquire the Kleenex brand you don’t change the label on the box to read Regina because people in Sweden know it.

I’ll bring this up in my next meeting.

Thank you, I care deeply about this. :wink:

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