Biggest College Game in Charlotte in 2011-12

East Carolina vs. Appalachian State at Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte, NC on November 22nd, 2011: LINK

After a 10-year hiatus in the rivalry, Appalachian State University men’s basketball will host East Carolina this season in Charlotte’s Time Warner Cable Arena, head coach Jason Capel announced on Monday. The squads will meet on November 22 in the home of the NBA’s Bobcats.

This is Appalachian State’s chance to prove they own the Charlotte market! Man, I hope I don’t need to go uptown that day, I won’t be able to park anywhere.

The contest also marks ASU’s second trip to Time Warner Cable Arena, after splitting a pair of games in the 2010 Southern Conference Tournament semifinals and championship, when Appalachian fans posted a strong showing to account for a majority of the attendance in the team’s two sessions at the venue.

Appalachian State vs. Charleston/Western Carolina vs. Wofford (Semifinals): 5440
Appalachian State vs. Wofford (Championship): 6193

Good move for them. I applaud them for marketing their program and trying to expand their piece of the Charlotte market. Both have strong fanbases in Charlotte and they are trying to tap into that.

If this game was on a Friday or Saturday, I would expect it to make some noise in the city, but Nov 22 is a Tuesday night. It will draw more fans than they would have in Boone though.

Please tell me the title of this thread was intended as sarcasm… ???


Biggest College Game in Charlotte in 2011-12

He’s half right in the title. The biggest college game in Charlotte will involve ECU. ECU and South Carolina in Bank of America stadium to open the season. Packman already been talking about. I’m sure the papers and other media will for weeks leading up to it as well. If you can point out a bigger college game than that that I’m all ears.

[quote=“919R, post:4, topic:25512”]Please tell me the title of this thread was intended as sarcasm… ???[/quote]Nope. He meant every word. Ample cause for alarm here.

you win

I recommend everyone buy all the tickets you can to this game since it’s bound to sell out. I bet you’ll be able to get a thousand bucks each for them.

you win[/quote]

Mark Packer - has won numerous awards such as “Charlotte’s Top Talk Show Host” along with the “Best Sports Radio Show” every year by Creative Loafing, the Charlotte Observer and Charlotte Magazine. “PrimeTime with the Packman” is the only sports talk radio show in the history of Charlotte to be rated #1 by Arbitron in the coveted Men 25-54 demographic. Packman’s show has been consistently ranked in the Top 3 in the afternoon drive slot for the past 9 years.

[font=arial]Kind of a big deal in the Charlotte media. It’s not just his program though, plenty of other news outlets will be talking about the game weeks before it’s played all over NC & SC. [/font]

[font=arial]As far as the basketball, if App wants to give up a home game I doubt we have any problem with that. Someone’s paying us to go play there and Lebo has been recruiting Charlotte pretty hard, so that just another opportunity to get in front of some recruits there. [/font]


[quote=“49RFootballNow, post:11, topic:25512”]ECU Loves FUDGE!


His shows syndicated here and I’d say it’s a mutual relationship. I’ve listened to it in the past when I can and I can understand the disdain from you guys. Not much attention is going to be given to college basketball outside of tobacco road on that show and it certainly has a college football and pro lean (probably to get out of his fathers shadow). Hard to argue with the ratings though and he’s been very good for ECU on that side of the state with all the air time he gives us.

Who is more irrelevant? Mark Packer or StillJonesing?

:o That question is liable to break the intertubez.

[quote=“49erAlumnus, post:13, topic:25512”]Who is more irrelevant? Mark Packer or StillJonesing?[/quote] Which is less: Zero or Nothing?

zero divided by nothing is 1.

/just saying

When you’re the only Sports show on during those hours you’re going to get “good” ratings. ???

CBS Radio took a look at Packer’s numbers and said “We have got to keep you!”…and then Mark woke up.

CBS really said you aren’t worth what we have been paying you and we will only re-sign you for a big cut in pay. Packer said “You must think I am dumber than QCB, I don’t need your 50 watt station”, and he left.

Both parties were right.

He’s syndicated in 14 markets so he’s clearly got something going, and it’s pretty hard to argue he isnt one of the top sports personalities in the region if not the top. I think he’s pretty fair to non BCS schools too and gives us a lot of air time, and a good amount to App and other Southern Conference schools as well on his football tour, puts our AD on for an hour in the spring etc.

I think his medium is more relevant these days than the TV sports guy and his 3 minutes, or the dying newspaper journalist. Who else are you going to listen to in the morning and noon for regional sports, Rome and Dan Patrick dominate those hours on most stations best I can tell or Mike and Mike. Having both Packman and Dave Glenn shows affiliated with Pirate Radio has done a lot for our exposure across the state the last 5 years.

SJ, I am just saying his flagship station looked at the ROI and said he couldn’t cut the mustard. They don’t give a crap whether he likes UNC-CH or ECU, they only want to know if he is reaching a demographic with disposable income. I don’t think anyone that has ever listened to his show thinks he is reaching that crowd. It seems that he shoots for listeners for whom reading a paper is just not an option.