Blackberry applications...

just got my blackberry this week. wanted to see what app’s/games would be fun to have on there.

have the facebook & espn app as of now.

Viigo is a great app for getting RSS feeds (sports scores, weather, articles, etc.). As well as google maps. I also have GTalk on mine because that is my IM app of choice. Wachovia has a banking app that is free for Blackberries that is nice if you are into online banking and bill pay. And if you like to stream audio from the internet, berrytunes is really good. You can also ge podcasts on Berrytunes.

Which bb did you get? And who is your service through?

Curve 8310 via AT&T

Cool. I have the 8330 through Verizon. I love this phone. Oh and if you download songs on Itunes a lot and want them on your phone, download Double Twist for your computer. It will unlock the songs you purchase and convert them to mp3. It also is compatible with bb’s and allows you to sync up media with your bb.

I used Gametracker Mobile alot during football season. Also works for basketball.