Blaise Mbargorba - 2012 C

6’11 C from the Peddie School in NJ, originally from Cameroon. If we are recruiting, comes from Odom’s time at VT

MOVED FROM 2011 TO 2012

Rivals - no stars

Scout - no profile

ESPN - 89 rating, 3 star (was 82 rating, 2 star)

ESPN player evaluation

[b]Strengths: [/b] Mbargorba is a center with terrific physical tools. He has good size, long arms, wide shoulders, and the frame to add a good amount of muscle mass. He is very light on his feet, runs the court well, is very agile for a player his size, slides his feet, and has quick bounce around the rim. Most importantly, Mbargorba has a strong motor and good nose for the ball on both ends. He calls for the ball on the block and goes to get it off both backboards. He keeps the ball high offensively, has a high release point over either shoulder, is a good passer for a big man, and also a valuable weak side shot blocker. [b]Weaknesses: [/b] While Mbargorba has undeniable talent, he is very raw. He is still just learning the game and must develop both his basketball skills and feel for the game. He is very raw offensively, with no go-to move with his back to the basket and a jump hook that is a long ways away from being consistent. While he is cut in his upper body he still needs to fill out and also has very thin, pencil legs. Defensively, he is very foul prone as he is still looking for the balance between playing hard/physical and not fouling on every possession. He also must improve his left hand around the rim. [b]Bottom Line: [/b] Mbargorba is a definite project, but one who has clear potential. Very few players of his size can match his mobility and high motor, and while he needs to get stronger in his upper body and drastically improve his skill level and basketball feel for the game, those are all things that can be accomplished with hard work and experience.NotesTravel Team: N.J. Roadrunners...

moved to 2012, we are scouting him still, per Dave Telep:

RT @DaveTelep: Blaise Mbargorba has Vandy, NW, Cincy, Clemson, Richmond, Charlotte, SMU and George Mason. Quick crowd scan. #HGJamFest

Alabama is checking out Mbargorba as well today.

Sounds like the guy the Bobcats just drafted.

Per ESPN from the WV Jamfest last week

[size=12px]Blaise Mbargorba (Highstown, N.J./Peddie School)
2012, C, 6-11
[/size]The native of Cameroon has to be one of the more improved players we have seen this month. A center who is pushing 7-0, Mbargorba is an equally talented defender and offensive threat. Most are surprised by his ability to pass the ball which makes him more valuable for high-majors, however, a handful of CAA and A-10 schools hang on for dear life. Mbargorba will visit Vanderbilt in the fall before he makes a decision.

RT @AdamZagoria: 7-footer Blaise Mbargorba of The Peddie School has verbally committed to SMU over Vanderbilt, Va Tech and UTEP, sources told

wow. i would have loved to get this kid.