Bleacher Report picks NINERS to finish 6th

For what it’s worth (not much) this early,

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Overall, I thought that was a very disappointing write-up for us. Did they totally forget that we have Briscoe?.. our assumed starting point guard who finished 2nd only to seth curry 2 years ago in ppg? The best they could say is we are intriguing? Meanwhile Duquesne finishes conference in third. Am I the only one who thinks this prediction is just a little bit off?

Not the least bit surprised. Nothing this program has done in the past 4-5 years warrants the outside world to expect anything spectacular.

Obviously, as a Niner fan, I think we’ll do well.

They also said Duquesne is returning their whole team, which is not true. They are the second report now to forget that Duquesne has lost Melquan Bolding and two others who played minor roles. They return their entire normal starting lineup, but depth may be an issue.

I don’t see them being much, if any, better off than last season.

BR isn’t good at math. We’re going to be 1st, bee-atches!!!

NO…but not just a little off WAY OFF. First of all how can Duquense possibly have Bolden for an entire year when he doesnt even go to school there. ???

Secondly I know the writer is entitled to his opinion but DUDE at least do a little research to make your opinion credible.

He tabs Dayton’s Juwan Staten as the best recruit in the A10. WRONG, Charlotte’s Jamar Briscoe’s has the best resume of any recruit or transfer coming to the A10 for the 2010-11 season. (2nd leading D1 freshman scorer in the nation, college insider. com D1 MID-MAJOR FRESHMAN ALL-AMERICAN, college D1 ALL-FRESHMAN TEAM and the list goes on)

Being that niether kid hasn’t done anything in the A10 yet all you can compare or judge them by is their past accolades and imo what a kid did in high school pales in comparison to a kid who has already achieved D1 all-american status by some of the top hoop publications in the country.

Whoever the author is has little to no clue about personell in the A10. He obviously hasn’t even read the 2010-2011 team BIO’S.

Ive got a good feeling the NINER’s are going to prove alot of people wrong this year. Just like they did last year.


I agree with everything you said sokool, but most do not consider transfers to be recruits, so I understand him dubbing Staten as the best incoming recruit in the A10.

Niner National thanks for the info. If thats the criteria then I also understand him dubbing Staten as the best incoming recruit.

Now the next issue is… for BR to write us up, speak about our guard play and not mention that we have added a kid with Briscoe’s lofty credentials to our guard rotation is either an oversight or irresponsible on their part.

Just chill out. It doesn’t mean anything where they rank Charlotte. BR isn’t even a professional website. Anyone can write for them

Yep. I guess that’s why it’s the BLEACHER Report and not the PRESS BOX Report, hunh? :)) :wink:

A few points:

[ul] [li]This is written by a guy who knows just enough to cover the entire league. [/li]
[li]We haven’t been to the tournament in ages[/li]
[li]We have a coach with 0 wins[/li]
[li]Our new PG hasn’t played a real game in what will be 1 3/4 years and is taking a big step up in competition. I think the assumption is naturally made that a transfer from NC Central isn’t typically going to be a big deal. [/li][/ul]

Lot’s of ? and our A10 history makes 6th a fair assesment

That being said I fully expect us to have positive results in the areas where the ? currently are. I think top 3 or 4 should be the expectation going in with the returning front court.