Bloomington Anyone??


What do you guys think about the price?
I’d LOVE to make this trip.

Hmmm… I would like to go, but that is a loooong road trip.

From Mapquest:
Total Est. Time: 17 hours, 10 minutes Total Est. Distance: 1095.94 miles

Not sure but if you’re heading to that area for the holidays or just have the down time, that would be a great game to be at a few days before Christmas. I’d love to attend a game there, especially one with our Niners playing in it.

If they’re still there at 5, I think I’m morally compelled to buy them an dgo.
Unless I can get tickets through our office.

I made the trip last time; the arena is very different and a cool place to watch a game. Hopefully the outcome will be better this time.

Went last time as well. Pretty cool place to see a game, but don’t try to take signs or be at all rowdy. They frown on it at IU. Also hopefully you will get better seats…I got to the all the dust on the top of their scoreboard.