Bob McKillop retiring

McKillop, Coach K, Huckleberry Hound… Err Ole Roy…

Big power vacuum opening up in NC hoops. What are we going to do with the opportunity?

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Magic 8 Ball says “squander”.


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Charlotte Observer commemorative section coming in 5, 4, 3…


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Lutz 7-2 record vs. BM…one other BM stat that i think a lot of people are surprised about>>> his only tournament wins EVER (3) came in the 2008 run with Curry. He never won other any NCAA tournament games…i give him credit for building their program off that “lightning in a bottle” (Curry) but IMO he is pretty over rated.


F him and Davidson

Maybe Davidson can start hiring some duds for coaches like the Niners.

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Actually Lutz was 8-2 against Davidson. Only lost in ‘02-‘03 and ‘06-‘07 season. They wouldn’t play us in ‘08-‘09 and ‘09-‘10 seasons which is why I hate them so much. F them! They thought they were too big to play us when Steph blew up. F that school. I do respect McKillop though but seriously F Them!

Oldsters like me remember they resisted playing us years before they did eventually start playing us. We wanted to play them ever since we began basketball here, but they let their elitism get in the way. Not to mention they were probably scared we’d kick their ass, which we did more times than they have beaten us. Fact.

Even after the worst stretch in our history (the last 15 years) we still lead the series 30-18.

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Thanks…i just did a quick count. I Iike 8-2 even better.

Hopefully Davidson basketball will fall into the mediocrity they deserve for decades of abusing opponents with moving screens.


Yep. His teaching of dirty basketball tactics won’t be featured in the upcoming Observer commemorative section, I bet. I guess those tactics will continue under his son.

Still my all time pic of Curry.


We shoulda hired him when Lutz was fired