bobbleheads this year?

Does anyone know if they are planning on doing the bobbleheads again this year? If so, any idea who we might see? Bobby, Cornbread, Jobey, Norm, and Henry need a new friend. (Clay is in the closet… maybe in more ways than one. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’d like to see one former player and one current player each year. I guess Withers would be the obvious choice this year, but maybe they should only do seniors… you know to entice the players to stay. Who wouldn’t turn down millions of dollars in the NBA to have a bobblehead made of them? :slight_smile: Maybe Eddie this year and Curtis next year? Who would you like to see?

Demarco would be my choice.

Others that we might see:

Coach Wat
Rodney White
Jarvis Lang
Judy Rose

I don’t think you will ever see a current player.

[b]I don't think you will ever see a current player. [/b]

We got Jobey Bobbleheads his senior year…

I would like to see a Hal Wissel bobble card.

After Jeff Mullins, of course. I really would like to see one of Coach mullins.

How about the 84-85 Sun Belt Conf. leading rebounder, “Leroy Smith”

[i]Originally posted by CharlotteAlum[/i]@Aug 11 2004, 03:53 PM [b] We got Jobey Bobbleheads his senior year... [/b]
Didn't we get those the year after he graduated?

The Graduate or Real49er would know if any bobbleheads are planned.

Jeff Mullins
Judy Rose
Lee Rose
Melvin Watkins
Lew Massey
DeMarco Johnson
Jarvis Lang
Rodney White
Charles Hayward
Diego Guevara (blowing a kiss, of course!)
Mac Cozier (men’s soccer, 2 time first team All-American)
Jon Busch (men’s soccer, first team All-American)
John Maine (baseball)
Molly Kerrin (women’s cross country, 3 time All-American)

Hal Wissel bobblehead? Why so we can all collectively smash them after the game?

DeMarco is what I’d want to see.

My pecking order would be as follows:

Coach Mullins - returned the program to prominance
Jarvis Lang - Great rebounder and dunker. Led us to the 1995 NCAA Tourney.
Demarco Johnson - Led the 1997 and 1998 team to the 2nd round of the NCAA Tourney.
Lew Massey - Seldom mentioned as a 49er great, but averaged 19.6 ppg on the 1977 team (2nd only to Cornbread).

Some may not want this to happen, but I would like to see a Charles Hayward bobblehead. It may too controversial to ever go forth with it, but I think it would be another great way to honor him.

[i]Originally posted by NinerLoudNProud[/i]@Aug 11 2004, 12:43 PM [b] Hal Wissel bobblehead? Why so we can all collectively smash them after the game?

DeMarco is what I’d want to see. [/b]

Have to make sure the Wissel bobblehead is holding up one of those infamous play number cards he would flash at Keith Williams when the latter brought the ball up the court! :rolleyes:

(BTW, sure wish we had someone like Keith playing PG for the Niners.)

Hard to believe he’s on Hubie Brown’s staff with the Grizzlies and holds a Ph.D.

My wish list:

Pino Pipes - Not in uniform, but all pimped out. :naughty:
Rodney Odom - Could keep the head lifesize. :wow:
The Center from Puerto Rico - Complete with Black Eye he got at Chi Phi. :lol:
Jason Dominick - With drunken scowl, beer in hand, and flipping Bird. :drink:
Bobby Kummer - See Above. :cuss:
BROOKE GORDON - Yeah, baby. :wink:

I think a combo of Mullins and Jarivs/DeMarco would be great.

Personally, I wish Signature would do like a scale size replica of Halton in ceramic or something once the bobblehead trend ends/slows down. Would look really sharp on my desk at work. Those things usually look better as an open-air football stadium but maybe they could come up with a roofless replica of Halton.

What about Dink?

one word: DWIGGINS

[i]Originally posted by 49erCC[/i]@Aug 11 2004, 01:22 PM [b] How about the 84-85 Sun Belt Conf. leading rebounder, "Leroy Smith" [/b]
Leroy was one of my favorites, and had it not been for bad knees may have had more accolades. If I remember the story correctly, he was the only freshman to play on his high school team in Wilmington. He beat out Micheal Jordan for the final spot.

I second Dwiggins. Cult hero, baby.

I vote for Ken Angel, the Dwiggins of the '77 Final Four team. Legend has it that Ken drank the bong water one night during a team “get together”… :silly:

how about henry williams or bobby lutz?