Bobby Brannen Story

I saw a post here a couple of weeks back contain stories on our rivalry with Cincinnati. Then it turned into a Bobby Brannen bashing session.
Im sure most of you know who Brannen is, a former Cincy bearcat from a while back.

Anyway he plays here in Australia for the Brisbane Bullets and they were in town playing my Perth Wildcats. Before the game during warm up’s, Bobby walked out infront of us and I said “Bobby, F##k you F#g” and gave him both my middle fingers. He just looked up and stared at me.

Bobby eventually fouled out with 5 points in a pathetic performance. The final buzzer sounds and Bobby starts walking to the exit. Me and mates start yelling in his face and he gives us a the double finger on his way out.

Classic stuff. After I read the posts and found out that he played for cincy, we gave him even more than last year when he visited (last year my mate shoved him in the chest on the way out) hahah

Bobby = jerk off

Sounds like an English football riot. A little too much if you ask me. I wouldn’t be boasting about publicly calling him out like that if I were you, but you did expose him for what he is.

I say good show mate!