Bobinski leaves Xavier for GT

When March Madness begins, the chair of NCAA’s D-I Men’s Basketball Committee will still be an X-Man. Then, on April 1, he’ll be a Yellow Jacket. At least he’s not leaving Cincy in the same way as his successor/predecessor! ::slight_smile: Georgia Tech taps Bobinski as AD

From Katz:

The NCAA selection committee met in Grapevine, Texas, at the NCAA convention Wednesday and had to come up with some quirky new rules for the selection-committee chair after Xavier athletic director Mike Bobinski announced he is leaving for the same position at Georgia Tech. Bobinski isn't leaving Xavier until March 22 and won't start at Tech until April. According to the NCAA, Bobinski will be the chair of the selection process but will have to leave the room if Xavier or Georgia Tech is being discussed. He cannot vote for either in the at-large pool (not likely an issue this season). Then, after the first weekend of the tournament, Bobinski will no longer be the chair for the regional final weekend and the Final Four. He will remain on the committee. The 2014 chair, Wake Forest AD Ron Wellman, will assume the role of chair. This is more or less a ceremonial position at that point in the tournament, as NCAA president Mark Emmert still hands out the championship trophy. Bobinski is leaving the committee after the tournament, so there will be only nine members instead of 10 until September, when Bobinski's position and that of outgoing member Joe Castiglione (Oklahoma AD) are replaced. The summer is when future tourney sites are usually selected. Bobinski's position will be taken by an athletic director or conference commissioner from a non-football-playing school or league. [b][url=]3-point shot - Jan 17[/url][/b]