BofA plan for ‘North Campus'

Another BOA stadium? Pretty close by…?

site plan here…

Read this a few weeks ago in the Charlotte Business Journal…

Picture of the proposed building:

No this will be like the Wachovia complex that is on Harris. This was discussed in another thread when this first popped up b/c it would bring back the consideration of continuing the light rail project to Charlotte. As you may know that project has been put on hold.

It hasn’t been put on hold. They’re still doing the engineering work to figure out the best way to run the line so that its as cheap as possible, but also meets federal ridership guidelines. It’s likely that it will be put on hold unless the feds give us some serious cash, but it has never been a 100% go. If the line doesnt meet federal regulations, then there is no chance it’d get federal money anyway. The engineering study is critical before any definitive decisions can be made.