Boise State pres rips BCS

Saw this on OTL today. Didn’t know if it had been mentioned yet.

Their president ripped the BCS and there is an awesome chart showing some inequities. Some tool was on OTL saying the Boise State pres is self serving and there are bigger issues in football such as minority hiring and ‘other stuff’ that wasn’t specified. I am still looking more into it, but this is the first article I found.

FYI here is the screen shot of the graph.

[quote=“Gill2003, post:2, topic:23349”]FYI here is the screen shot of the graph.


That graph is very telling but at the same time it is also leaving out a fair amount of information, as in who the teams were, etc.

The ranking part doesn’t surprise me as it is based solely off who is the conf. champ for the ACC and BE, but in the case of the WAC or MWC they have to be in the top 13 to even be considered, and generally better hope to be top 5 or 6 to have a legit chance of getting in, where an ACC/BE champ can be ranked 17th and be the 2nd or 3rd highest rated team in the conf, but b/c they win the championship they get in.