Boston Globe ranks the A-10 - Tabs Niners 3rd

The Boston Globe picks the Niners third behind GW and Xavier. Atlantic 10 conference outlook

Joe Sullivan is an idiot.

Niners are #1.

Good. We always do better if we’re “underdogs”.

If George Washington had joined the old CUSA (the one with us, Louisville and Cincy in it), would they have been ranked preseason #1 in the conference, even if they deserved it?

Perspective folks.

FWIW, even objectively I don’t have a problem with GW being ranked ahead of us. They have so many pro caliber players on that team. We have to prove we can beat them. Funny thing is, I sense the two teams have quite a bit in common. I absolutely cannot wait to play them.

NA, I suspect that if we were talking about the old C-USA with the addition of GW, this is how it would look pre-season top 10…

1 Louisville
2 Memphis
3 George Washington
4 Charlotte
6 Houston
7 Cincinnati
8 Marquette
10 DePaul