Box and 1 on Curt

How can we not score for 7 minutes just because Curt gets a box and 1 put on him…unbelievable.

Brian Bosworth plays for ECU?

i think the box and 1 was on plav. we forgot about withers during that stretch. it was clear he could take his man down low anytime he wanted. also basden didn’t take a couple of wide open 3’s in that stretch.

Yep, Lutz said in the postgame the box and 1 was on Plav. I don’t know why we had such a hard time getting the ball to Curt against it.

it looks like we decided to try and get the ball to plav or settle for an outside shot during that stretch. baldwin didn’t step up to the plate and with plav covered, we had no one to feed the ball to withers. plav was the one getting the ball to him.

Yep, I said it in the chat too, Plav feeds the post better then our PG’s do. That’s not a good thing !!

why would any team not play us for 40 minutes in a box and 1…without BP who on our team is going to hit a shot.