Boxscore says it all:

*14 points/10 rebounds for Withers, Iti and Nance. (Withers should get those numbers by HIMSELF)

*46 to 27 in the rebound battle

*.29.5% from the field for us


Add those up and in my book it equals a trip to the woodshed 90% of the time.

Boxscore (not for the squeamish)

Anyone want to research and see if in fact that is the WORST boxscore in the history of 49er basketball???

It’s not even easy to shoot under 30% from the field at the collegiate level if you’re trying to. :blink:

I figured the assist/turnover ratio was bad but not that bad.

Just imagine how ugly that boxscore would be had we not shot okay from the free throw line. That was the only saving grace in the stat book.

Sad that if we would have shot 70% from the line against Rut or Bama, then this would have been our first loss and it probably would feel this bad…

congrats on PB for his free throws tonight. 4-6 in a row?

but 6 assists?? that’s not even a team!

lee is my boy, and he said he was ready to step up, but we gotta see more. i will be personally embarrassed if we play like this at home. i am already watering up after watch the game @ Cincy.

We had less turnovers, more steals, and went to the line more. :smiley: