This guy claims to be the best NCAA projector in all the land. I must admit I love his seeding. Bring on the Catamounts!

Other than location, that is almost too good. Can we play tomorrrow?

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BTW, this guy hasn’t been close when it pertains to us. He had us a 12 seed in '01, not in in '02, and a 7 seed last year. You’re telling me he claims to be better than Palm and Lunardi? Yeah, right!

Well, just in case this guy is correct about our first round opponent… Vermont should be a team to watch


This bracket gives us that game against Arizona we were suppose to play. Second round matchup, assuming both teams win first round game.

I saw a couple UVM games last year. that Coppenrath is as good as Withers. Without him, they lost to New Hampshire by 30. With him, they ran away with the A East title.

he gave duke a 1 seed, that is a joke.