Of course its way too early for this to mean anything, but it gives us something to talk about. Right now Lunardi has us as a 6 seed playing LSU in Boise. He has us projected to finish 21-8 which would mean we would end up 11-5 in conference and win one game in the conf. tourney.



Upon further review I see that he has NCSU listed as a 5 seed and also in the “last 4 out.” Maybe he is still updating it or something.

louisville a 3 seed, cincy and memphis a 7, depaul a 9, marquette a 12.

we are a six. Does this mean we take second place in c-usa? i’d take it, but more would be great.

when was this done, he picked memphis to lose 8 games, they’ve already lost 7.

Um yeah, by the way, Memphis and LSU are not going to be in the NCAA’s.

Somethin’ ain’t right.

The stats/opinions on the left look updated, the picks/bracket do not. On the left, he shows C-USA as getting 4 bids (probably Cincy, L’ville, Marquette and ourselves), but on the bracket there is still 6+. Wait for it to update…

Records listed are last years. I think he goofed. :blink:

Charlotte is not in the tournament. It is early of course.

UAB is listed as a 10 seed playing against Bama in the first round in Nashville.

Like I said, it is early.

The Bracketology I’m looking at has us nowhere to be found.