Braxton Miller insurance policy

Looks like Braxton Miller of Ohio State has a $1 million insurance policy in case of injury. Also appears that Ohio State has paid all the premiums for that policy. Question is: why is this allowed under the NCAA? Sure, Miller has the right to go buy an insurance policy. But wouldn’t it be an impermissible benefit for the school to pay for the policy for him? If this policy pays out because of his injury, Ohio State might as well have just paid him $1 million.

The NCAA actually has a progam for this.

[quote=“Nugget, post:2, topic:28963”]The NCAA actually has a progam for this.[/quote]

I skimmed the article. It says that it will give high performing student athletes low interest loans so that they may purchase the insurance policies, which makes sense. And that the loans must be paid back whether or not the policy ends up paying out or the player actually gets drafted. However, I missed the part where it said schools could pay the premiums for the athletes.

Oregon refused to pay for their QB’s policy.