Brian Vander Ark- Thurs. 10:30pm Evening Muse

You don’t want to miss this show. For those that don’t know, Brian is the former lead singer for the 90’s band The Verve Pipe (hit song “The Freshman”). He is amazing solo and is one of the most amazing vocalist you will ever hear.

You can hear some of his stuff here:

The show is Thursday at 10:30, tickets are only $8 in advance, and if you have never been to the Evening Muse you are in for a treat. Very intimate and NO SMOKING!!

I will be there, you should be too!!


no one cares.

he peaked with photograph anyway.

[QUOTE=Powerbait;236615]no one cares.

he peaked with photograph anyway.[/QUOTE]

Have you heard his new stuff dickwad??

Crawl back into your hole…

haha, i didn’t mean to insult your boyfriend.

man that first verve pipe cd was great. i’ll have to check into his new stuff.


The best solo act out right now is Ray LaMontagne…