Briscoe adjusting to his new role

bottom line. deuce needs to start over derrio. anybody who watches can see he is better in every facet of the game than derrio, especially defensively and finishing at the rim.

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I don’t care about stats at this point because it is still too early in the season to make any conclusions.

Briscoe needs to be on the court more. I don’t care if he turned the ball over a lot in his first two games or if he is shooting 14% from 3. He’s better than that, we saw that last year.

Normm do you have a link to the Wright St post game presser? I cant seem to find it.[/quote]

It was from the radio post game POG interview.

Works for me. I just think the trashing of Pierria was very disingenuous.

Works for me. I just think the trashing of Pierria was very disingenuous.[/quote]

i agree. i think pierra is our best player outside of braswell.

There’s one big glaring weakness in Briscoe’s game that doesn’t show up in the stats and haven’t heard discussed. On defense his man always gets the best of him. He can’t stop a penetration, contest a shot, or do any of the things that Henry is capable of doing. Derrio’s a little bigger, so helps a little more defensively but makes lots of mistakes offensively. Briscoe deserves to play but he has to contribute on offense. Just single Briscoe out and follow him on the court defensively. It’s really hard to watch his ineptness. He was always a scorer and I think he never learned and took defense for granted .

Green should be kicked off the team like Spears.