BustingBrackets preview of 2012-13 Niners

Written by BB editor Evan Williams.

Bustingbrackets.com: Charlotte 49ers Basketball Season Preview

Well, guess that Evan missed that Lester isn’t eligible.

Has anybody brought up this little potential nugget:

Let’s say we underperform once again this season (below .500 and no postseason), does Major basically get a free pass because we’re going into a new conference next season? I’m not saying Major needs to be fired or anything but three straight years of below .500 ball should be unacceptable for our program. I’m just afraid that he will get a free pass because AD won’t want to go on a coaching search while also transitioning into C-USA. Are we still paying Bobby by the way? Oh and we have to pay the A-10 for leaving so really Major could go 3-27 and probably would not be fired since we would have to pay him for two more years after that.

I hope we get to at least 18 wins and sniff some sort of post-season tourney. A win or two in the A-10 tourney would be nice as well. I don’t have any expectations beyond that.

I wont say Major needs to win a certain amount of games, but we will need to improve a lot. Our program is better then this.
Wouldn’t it be nicer to be going into the CUSA with a new regime instead of having a coach that would more then likely be fired the following season?

I think Major has known for quite sometime that there was no urgency to win here. That is obvious by the personnel decisions he has made over the past 3 yrs.

You’re right Major/Oliver could lose all the way into the C-USA and he’ll still be coach of the 49ers. Major will do a $300,000+ second term regardless of his inability to COACH/WIN.

What a wonderful world ::slight_smile:

I don’t know about consistency, but I think we will have a team that when they are playing well they will play really well. I don’t put a lot of stock in the article since it is outdated.

I think we would need to have another sub .500 season for Major to be fired. If he does that and isn’t fired, he’d probably be a lame duck coach unless our first year in CUSA we’re a top team. This is the year to show improvement on the court. I think we should win somewhere around 17-18 games, barring significant injury.

Wasn’t really referring to the article. Just some general thoughts & concerns I have about the state of our program.

Wasn’t really referring to the article. Just some general thoughts & concerns I have about the state of our program.[/quote]

Wasn’t really talking about what you wrote. Hence the lack of quotes. So I guess it’s all good.