Buy Fan Cut Out

Haven’t seen this posted anywhere…

clt is going to buy a lutz cutout


Lutz is going to buy a Clt cutout

Mr. B can’t wait to see clt’s cutout behind the basket, intimidating opposing FT shooters.

I really wish they had a pickup option on these instead of paying half the price just to save it from the trash. I get that COVID has likely affected that, but even if it was a “These will be thrown away outside Halton Areana on 3/1 at noon. Please do not pick them up.”


No commercial advertising, including company names, apparel brands, hashtags, social media handles, phone numbers, logos, slogans, or other branding.
Charlotte 49ers branded attire only.  No third-party branding, including branding on apparel and in photo backgrounds. No attire or branding of other NCAA or professional sports teams.
No offensive or negative comments about Charlotte 49ers.
No personal identification such as names, e-mail addresses, license plates, phone numbers, or street addresses.
No names, likenesses, photographs, or other indicia identifying any person without permission.
No political statements, logos, slogans, or other political content.
No alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, or firearms/weapons.
No lewd, inappropriate, or offensive photos.
Your image must fill the entire top section of the cutout with no gaps or spaces or it is likely to be rejected.  For best results, place your head as close as possible to the top of the cutout.

Please, please do this. I will contribute!

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No flat Tintin sighting

clt says the flat Ronnie was first in line

Flat Tintin was in the building and was on tv at the first half 16 minute TO.