Byron Dinkins

New coach at Northside Christian. Good luck, coach! And send a recruit our way :smiley:

Observer reports that former Niner guard, Byron Dinkins, will coach a local high school basketball team.

I don’t think it’s been posted yet on the O’s website. But thanks for letting us know. I’ll be looking for it. Congratulations to Byron. He’s always been one of my favorite Niners. He’s one of the reasons Mullins rebuilt our program.

He will be coaching at Northside Christian.

My kids go there so that’s very cool. It’s maybe 8 miles from school, NinerNation should show for a game and give him a strong welcome. Wonder what happened to their existing bball coach, he was pretty good. They’re most likely not going to have any big recruits though, they don’t offer scholarships for sports (and a lot of other private schools do) so their best players usually leave to go play at places like First Assembly.

Plus it says that they hired a new fball coach too? Wonder where Buckner is going.

This is the place off of 85 near Sugar Creek?


[quote=“Iron9er, post:1, topic:23269”]New coach at Northside Christian. Good luck, coach! And send a recruit our way :smiley:[/quote]

Congratulations to Byron. He has always been one of my all time favorite Niners. He was one of the reasons Mullins was able to rebuild the program.

I wonder if he still gets people asking him about Rex Chapman pushing him out of bounds in that Kentucky game. Most blatant homecooking I think I’ve ever seen.

Good luck to him at Northside.

Bring Dink back after a couple years of local coaching experience. Maybe he’ll hire Demarco, and after 5-10 yrs, Demarco will be ready.

why are there 2 Byron Dinkins threads? it looks like this one was started first and then the other one was started shortly later. i wish Byron the best.

Same here. Dink was like Moses leading us out of the wilderness of the wissell years.