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Gary Williams and our good friend India Lucas are on board for football. Adrian Branch is the Bobcat color guy. Henry Williams is doing radio play by play.

I don’t know who will do our games on C-SET.

C-SET broadcasters

Kicking off its inaugural season of college football coverage, (C-SET) Carolinas Sports Entertainment Television has named Tom Werme, Gary Williams, Paul Crane, Ethan Horton, Rod Smith, India Lucas and Shannon Spake as its starting lineup in the broadcast booth and on the sidelines, it was announced by C-SET Executive Vice President of Media Rights and Entertainment Naomi Travers.

Talent Bios

Oh yeah, I found out no deal with Charter. I’m SOL. :doh:

what channel is C-SET on TW?

[i]Originally posted by moss2k[/i]@Oct 19 2004, 04:11 PM [b]what channel is C-SET on TW?[/b]
the TW website says it's 150, so seems it's only available on digital as of now.