C-USA Co-Players of the Week

Conference USA Co-Players of the Week for January 31, 2005:

Moussa Badiane, East Carolina
Senior, Center, Les Ulis, France

Larry O’Bannon, Louisville
Senior, Guard, Louisville, Ky.

ConferenceUSA.com: Jan. 31 Men’s Basketball Co-Players of the Week

The 49ers always make some player look good. :rolleyes: Congrats to Badianne.

Second photo is his record breaker.


HP, how many times after a loss do we get to read something about an opposing player similar to this?

b Hammonds, who finished with a career-high 16 points…[/b]

Pirates strike gold against 49ers

At least 90% of the time, run. That would be a fun one to research: players having career games against the 49ers.

The pictures of Badiane swatting Withers’ shots is a perfect visual of something I have been saying to whoever is around me during games this year:

Why can’t Withers get off the ground when shooting around the hoop? In both photos he is at the peak of his jump, but releasing the ball at least a foot under the 10’ high basket! No wonder he gets stuffed so often!! And this is the guy we have jumping center taps at the start of games, but he appears to have about a 6 inch vertical ‘leap’ from a standing jump. I expect a lot more than that from a Preston Green trained guy, or am I missing something?


good point about CW. He also misses more than his share of dunks from a stand still under the rim. That makes that dunk against 'Bama that much more amazing.