C-USA Football 2014-2015 Unbalanced?

With ECU, Tulsa and Tulane leaving and ODU and WKU joining that means that next season C-USA football will have a total of 13 member schools participating in FBS football with a full conference schedule. How will that work? Can they still host a title game?

Pretty unique and strange situation.

I did some googling and found nothing conclusive. My guess is they will have two divisions but they’ll be unbalanced. Winner of both will still advance to title game. When we join in 2015-2016 it will be back to 14 FBS members and two 7 team divisions.

My educated guess on the divisions for next season:

Middle Tennessee

Southern Miss
Louisiana Tech
North Texas

We’ll be added to the East when we join and that will be that.

The MAC plays with 13 teams as well now that Temple is in the AAC.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see any of the following scenarios with what’s posted above:

  • WKU goes west and UAB stays east
  • the Florida schools get split up.

I dont mind unbalanced as long as we are in the weak division.

As far as games go, it has already been confirmed that ODU will simply play one more cross division game than every other team.