C-USA Football Bowl Cycle 2020-25


Fenway was one that I didn’t know was in the pool. There’s some pretty attractive destinations there, of course the match-up is the key.

Those are some pretty nice locations, however, since our very first bowl game was out of reach for many of our fans (distance & money wise)…I love the idea of the Myrtle Beach bowl. Not only would it be special to be part of the inaugural 1st MB Bowl, but you can’t beat the short drive there & affordability. A MB Bowl would sell a ton of tickets.

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Be sure to wear your mask and vest in MB. :grin:

I was lucky enough to go the game in the Bahamas and it was an expensive weekend in a place that does not have much to offer. I love being with Niner fans at the pep rally, tailgate, game, and at restaurants, but I would not go back to this game again. There are places like the Boca bowl that you could go back just for the sun and fun at a decent cost, but the Bahamas is not on my list to return.

Going to MB would be a dream come true and NINER fans would turn out in droves. :pray:t3:

Charlotte and App in MB would sell out in no time.

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you have me frothing at the mouth for that game, would absolutely love to go to an app-charlotte bowl game in myrtle beach

Georgia Southern would bring a ton to that game too.

I’d be excited by the prospect of travelling anywhere right now. :joy: