C-USA HQ to relocate to new office space in Dallas


League office moving from Irving to Dallas in November.



Probably needed more space so they can have the conference tournament in the break room.


clt says the break room is large, so they can have a curtain.


Actually slightly downsizing space - from 10,000 to 9,100 square feet


OK so they don’t need the curtain


C-USA’s HQ relocation reminds me that the American Athletic Conference announced intentions this past May of moving to Dallas when the latter’s lease in Providence, RI expires in 2020.

AAC will also be heading to Texas for its men’s basketball tournament in 2020-22, which will be held at the 14,000 seat Dickies Arena, currently under construction in Fort Worth and scheduled to open in late 2019. No word about curtains!


Having your conference HQ near DFW airport seems to make sense for easy travel.


It currently is in Norfolk, right? I don’t understand why anyone would pick that in the first place. Pick a city with a hub airport, or Boone, if you are trying to recruit them to jump conferences.


Conference USA currently in Irving, Texas, so short move to nearby Dallas.

The MEAC is headquartered in Norfolk, as is the small college US Collegiate Athletic Association.


Well that shows just how important our Commissioner is to me I guess. Thanks


As a conference history refresher, C-USA was originally headquartered in Chicago, then moved to Irving in 2004 during the Britton Banowsky era (2002-15).

The move not surprising in retrospect considering Banowsky’s previous positions with the Texas-based Big XII (Irving) and Southland (Frisco) conferences. Guess a couple of winters in Chicago were enough for him!


The A10 is located in the Tidewater, which is not a central location. There are fewer in person meetings these days. Everyone attends by computer and no one knows who is attending and whether they are paying attention.