C-USA Men's Hoops Notebook for 11/29

ConferenceUSA.com: C-USA Men’s Basketball Notebook, November 29, 2004

How ironic is this…

"CHARLOTTE (2-1, 0-0): Five 49ers are averaging double figures after three games this season, and four of the starters are shooting 50 percent or better from the field: Mitchell Baldwin (.680), Brendan Plavich (.556), Eddie Basden (.552) and Curtis Withers (.500). Plavich is shooting 58.3 percent from three-point range and led the 49ers to an 85-71 victory against Valparaiso, hitting 7-of-9 three-pointers. Preseason All-America and a member of Dick Vitale’s All-Rip Van Winkle Team Curtis Withers, scored 16 points, making 7-of-10 free throws. Eddie Basden, the 2004 C-USA Defensive Player of the Year, is averaging 13.7 points, 6.7 rebounds and leads the team in assists (5.0 per game) and steals (3.7 per game). "

when you consider this…

Withers, a 6-foot-8 sophomore at Charlotte, was diagnosed during his freshman season with narcolepsy – a malfunction of the sleep/wake regulating system that is believed to affect two in 10,000 people in North America. Essentially, narcoleptics have an irresistible tendency to sleep, sometimes at inappropriate or even dangerous times.”


Vitale, no sympathy at all, shameful.

From ESPN.com:

All-Rip Van Winkle Team: players who are sleepers

Link: dickie V: Glossary of terms and teams

Not defending Mr. Vitale, but I wonder if he even know’s about Withers’ nacrolepsy. If he does, then poor choice. If not, then just ironic. BTW, I have not been able to find that list with Withers on it. Seems to exist only at ConferenceUSA.com.

FWIW, this is what Dickie wrote about the Niners earlier this month…

Charlotte 49ers — Conference USA has its share of powers with Louisville, Cincinnati and Memphis, but coach Bobby Lutz is one of the nation’s most underrated coaches. Curtis Withers is one of the top players in C-USA, though he doesn’t get enough national attention. He’s a rising star. Charlotte also has a real weapon in 3-point shooter Brendan Plavich.

Link: dickie V: Five Teams to Watch