Caleb Stone-Carrawell - 2019 Wing - Committed to Charlotte

Committed on Monday, as has been discussed in the 2019 thread. I thought he deserved his on thread, below is an article on the commitment and an Q&A with Caleb.


Pumped ! Now bring on Brice !

Not surprised but can’t you still play in some games and still redshirt? Or is that only for a medical redshirt? If theres a difference.


This answers some questions that I had about CSC. I was curious as to how he was progressing from his back injury. If he has been well enough to practice as the scout team he must be doing pretty good.

From the short snippets from practice they showed, CSC looks like a version of E Victor Nickerson except recruited by a good coach.

if he can score 4-5ppg next season and be a solid defender, it can make a huge difference. the kid has great size and is super long.

Did CSC get a medical redshirt for his back?

I think it was just a regular redshirt.

Anyone know if Luka will be back next year since he tore the same ACL again? Two on the same knee is tough to overcome for a basketball player.

What is issue wit Bertram’s shoulder

I’d be shocked if vasic is ready to play, at least for fall semester