Campus Pictures

Not the highest quality but perhaps they’ll make good screen backgrounds.


Google Earth

Bump for the weekday crowd.

Always finding interesting things on the University website. Found the locations of the future H and I parking decks. CRI finally gets a parking deck.

I noticed this a couple days ago as well. You can find some interesting things on there sometimes.

Can anyone actually take some pictures of campus? I’d like to see the progress on the new CRI entrance, EPIC, and the new dorm

I would but I have a Crackberry, which has to be the worst picture phone of the last decade. I can tell you as of yesterday they were “skinning” most of Phase IX housing. It had National Gypsum boarding on the whole thing (Damn Dick Spangler!) and they had bricked veneered the western side already.

EPIC’s steel skeleton is fully up and it looks like they’re working the foundation before continuing with the walls above.

Looks like they’ve already cut out the ground and graded it for the parking deck (or a parking lot) beyond Grigg on the front road.