Can Anyone Help An Out Of Towner With A Bobble?

Anyone that can get me a Diego Bobblehead, please PM me. I really appreciate it! Thanks.

ESPN showed Diego in the 1999 game and mentioned the 911 quote. The showed Diego and his family several times. I love Brent Musberger doing any game. He can make it exciting and he seems genuine. Although, he did confuse Drayton and Iti everytime.

LOL, I would…but I have five season tix and am in the 49er club and couldnt even get one…They ran out right when we got there with 20 mins to go till tip…Either way, I dont care…I’m still hoarse from the game and thats what counts!

[b]Although, he did confuse Drayton and Iti everytime. [/b]

They all do…

“Iti for three”

[i]Originally posted by pcon[/i]@Feb 5 2005, 07:16 PM [b] They all do...

“Iti for three” [/b]

I remember hearing that on TV (I was in another room) and thinking "Good Lord, what the *&@# is Iti doing?