Can someone tell me...

What has changed from last season?

I know it’s early, it’s going to take time blah blah blah

I expect to see at least a little change, maybe some more ball movement or improved defense. Something!!!

If you go back and what tape from last season, you would not know their is a new coach in place.

None of our players have developed. In fact, I think most of them have regressed. Not good.

I think you’d notice there is a new coach in place. Last year we had an inside game. We haven’t so far this year.

I know people like to hate on Lutz teams for the 3’s they take, but the majority of our offense came from the paint last season.

New coach or not, you know you have fallen when you struggle against GW and SCS

I miss the days of Basden :frowning:

Team is starting to play better in the second half. There are gonna be some growing pains. This is not the same coach or the same schemes.

Basketball teams are always a work in progress the first couple of months of the season. Especially when there’s a new coach. We’re gonna be alright. :wink:

I for one was hoping to see our big men develop. Instead I saw Spears play the majority of his minutes outside the arc. One positive is that I did see them swing the ball from side to side around the arc and do some fakes. However, this would work better with spears inside so we had two big men in isolation, one on weak side.

[quote=“Basden05, post:4, topic:24319”]New coach or not, you know you have fallen when you struggle against GW and SCS

I miss the days of Basden :([/quote]

New coach takes adjustment time. We are still very thin in the post. And the reason you saw Spears outside the arc some is because we were running a 4 out 1 in offense to iso Braz inside to give him a good opportunity to score.

Did you think our big men were going to magically develop in 3 to 4 months? There’s not magic fairy dust that can be sprayed and turn someone into a Dwight Howard or Tim Duncan. I did like the opportunities some of our sets gave our big men. Shamari was on the outside of the perimeter on those sets because the play wasn’t designed for him. It was designed for a Chris on an isolation or a guard slash with Shamari as an option. BTW, if you didn’t know by now, Shamari has one of the best strokes on the team, inside and outside the arc.

Big difference between Briscoe and Dijuan Harris; 30 shots in two games from the point guard position.

We don’t seem to be switching defenses much, except for zones to protect players in foul trouble.

Last year’s coach would have gone ballistic over some of the foul calls tonight.

I’m interested in seeing how he handles that situation once we have all our players back.