Can You Coach The 49ers?

I just noticed a drawing to coach during the short scrimmage of Midnight Madness. It says the deadline for entering is Friday, October 10th. Was that today, or do they mean Monday?

i get called out on this alot too but…theres already a post for this, not that its really a big deal

and id imagine they mean today, because of fall break but…i really dont know

Thanks. I just entered, so I’m late if it was today.

I just posted the information I was given without a hard proofread - so that was my mistake in a way.

In any event, we’ll take submissions all day today (Monday, Oct. 10) because that is what we intended to do. Should be able to pick a winner/contact a winner to see if they’ll indeed participate/announce the winner at some point this week.

If anyone else wants to enter, feel free (if you’ve already entered, just leave the one entry in there please so we don’t have to discard duplicates).


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Thanks for the info!

Congratulations to Anthony Darr and Alex Drake, the winners of the “Can You Coach the 49ers?” contest. They will be guest-coaching the 49ers men’s teams at the 49ers Basketball Madness scrimmage on Thursday, Oct. 20 at Halton Arena

Hmmm… both with initials of A. D.? Did our Athletic Director pick the winners? The Coach the 49ers contest was a scam!

So what can we expect coaches??? You only have 4 days to get your teams ready.

[i]Originally posted by LeftyNiner[/i]@Oct 16 2005, 08:01 PM [b] So what can we expect coaches??? You only have 4 days to get your teams ready. [/b]
TF has three rules for the players on his team --
  1. look inside before doing anything else
  2. no threes in transition for ANY reason
  3. you turn the ball over, I ruin your face

Okay, so #3 probably won’t happen. But those first two, yeah…