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[I]Members of the Charlotte 49ers mens basketball team recently suited up for an ice hockey match to learn how to stop acting like TOTAL wusses during the game.[/I]

i shot 1 for 90 behind the arc. I give up.

Silvio, does Charlotte have a hockey team?

[I]Evidence used in a copyright infringement lawsuit brought by both the Charlotte 49ers athletic department and the Dallas Stars hockey club.[/I]

[QUOTE=allie49er;151332]Silvio, does Charlotte have a hockey team?[/QUOTE]
I know they have a club team.

[QUOTE=RWORKMAN09;151334]I know they have a club team.[/QUOTE]

Correct, that are the club team.



Told that it would be a cold day in hell before this years basketball team made a postseason tournament, the few remaining Niner faithful desided to lace up there skates.

โ€œThe Charlotte 49ers basketball team gears up for officiating in the A-10.โ€



(AP) After years of questions surrounding what Coach Lutz puts the team through in practice, one lucky Charlotte fan was able to gain access to a practice and snap this photo as the Niners prepared to matchup vs St. Bonaventure. [From left to right, Tripp Miller, Coach Lutz, Travis Gordon]

Fire Lutz! Hire Emilio Estevez!

Go Charlotte Mighty Ducks!



Bobby Lutzยฉ preaching the fundementals of his โ€œflying Vโ€ offense.

Not really a caption, but I want one of those jerseys.