Caption Time: Henry Style

Caption Time! (His pics on the observer are so freaking funny)

“I’m about to show you how we do it at Charlotte ref”

“Stop right there Henry - you don’t have to show me, I know you da man…”

Do I have to take my d@mn uniform off to show you where I was fouled?

“Shoot those white boys got hair gel all over my face”

not to go unnoticed, look at darion in the back. right at DBlock 8)

“You may have the keg. But, i brought my six pack.”

Haha! Good catch ID! I hadn’t noticed that before. So much in that picture!

“I got two words for ya… SUCK THIS!”

“EAD Davidson!”

“Norm ain’t got nothin on my 6 pack”

“And below this is a set of balls - big ones”

“As a matter of fact, there is an S on my chest.”


“My job here is done”

I love to see our guys take Demario’s back like that. Also love to see those stuck up pricks bitch about it on their board.