Caption time!

Boy dis chicken sure is ummm umm good girls…wanna try it?

Mental note to self…

Polish up resume, send to Larry Eustachy

Them some nice boobies. Hey, pass the bong!

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Zoinks Man! Stack the chips and pass the Scoobie Snax!

Is that a chicken wing in my pants or am I just happy to see you?

“That damn yellow jacket stung me on my face and my eyes swelled shut.”

Alright ladies, whoever catches the biggest chunk is the winner

Williams: Did anyone call Moxley? I’m only kidding. :lol:

gotta… hic!

gottawann… hic! sorry 'bout that, I’ll get it next time…

gottawannaneeda… buuuuuurrppp! Oh shith, thorry!

gotta… How u doin’?

gottawannaneedahavagetta taxi!!!

Hi Mom!

Which one of you b_____s wants to play hide the drum stick?

“Was it okay? 'Cept when I puked on ya?”