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My name is Cason Remaley, I am a writer for “Hoist The Colours” the East Carolina University 247Sports site, this is my 2nd year working under Stephen Igoe.

I have spent my entire life in the state of North Carolina and have followed college baseball closely for years. In doing so me along with a few of my friends who have a passion for baseball and a couple that have played at the division 1 level came together and decided to start our own Baseball twitter account and website. After months of brainstorming and discussing what direction we wanted to go we all decided to put a focus on North & South Carolina programs because of the unbelievable talent that is in the surrounding area. We came up with “Carolina Curveball” which is going to be our name going forward.

From now to the end of the college baseball season every week we will have specific coverage of every single division 1 baseball program in North and South Carolina (28 programs). This includes, a weekly honor roll, highlighting the top performances by players in North & South Carolina. This includes player of the week and pitcher of the week. There will also be a team of the week highlighting the team who had the best week. There will be midweek write-ups and weekend previews on the website, which is a one stop shop for all things baseball in the Carolina’s. Lastly, there will be a weekly “Power Rankings” ranking the top 12 programs between North & South Carolina.

Below is our X/Twitter and website along with a few of the graphics we have made so far this season.

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Carolina Curveball X/Twitter

Carolina Curveball Website


Surprised to see Davidson is not ranked after their performance last night.

On a serious note, good luck and continue to post updates that we would like here.


Thanks for sharing. We will prove your rankings are wrong but it is early so we will give you a pass. :slight_smile: Good luck with your endeavor. No need to cover the ACC schools, they already get plenty.


Hilarious last line of your tweet. Loving the coverage so far!


Best of luck Cason.

There is a market for coverage of the non ACC/SEC baseball schools in the Carolinas. Lots of good baseball, but not enough coverage of the non-‘P5’ programs.

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