Carolina Hurricanes College Night - Charlotte 49ers

The Canes are sponsoring a college night with every school in the system, and Charlotte’s is Friday, March 1. Discounted tickets with multiple options and a Canes/49ers Logo beanie. Check it out, and support if you can. This is great stuff.

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As someone from the triangle, they don’t know we have a large fan base. We share a night with UNCW and UNCG. Need to drown out that noise.

Damnit, I love live hockey but I’ll be in Scotland.

clt says the hurricanes should change names.

Geez!!! :roll_eyes:

Big tough Boston hockey guy, sounds more like one of those snowflakes I hear older folks complaining so much about.

I guess the biggest difference between a guy from Boston and one from Raleigh is not the accent, it is that the Southern guy’s mother taught him manners.

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This is the NHL team that supports us, don’t care how much y’all hate raleigh. Hope you’ll be supporting them in the Eastern Conference Finals.

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Well fuck y’all awesome wicked.

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Sports talk guys be stupid. Who knew?

I’m anti-Raleigh but I’m more so anti-douchebaggery. Hope the Canes sweep the Bruins.

Coming up tomorrow night. College Colors - Charlotte 49ers.

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My brother knows the girl listed as the contact on that page. I’m going to reach out to see if I can purchase some hats only. Like my post if you want one so I can get an idea of how many to tell her I’d like to buy.