Carolina Panthers 2021

This draft really is going to come down to if Christensen belongs in the NFL, if he can be even a serviceable tackle for us in the next few years the 2021 draft will look good, if he’s a bust like Little is turning out to be this wasn’t a good draft…

We went from a GM that I don’t think knew how to pick up the phone and make a trade to one that was crazy crazy trade happy… there just didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to any of it…

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I was not blown away by their trades. They were really bad in 2020, and some of their swaps were meh, or 2022 payoffs. Horn should he great. A nice tough tight end add

Should have kept the early 2nd round pick and took Tevon Jenkins, he is nasty and mean Olineman.

Yeah trading down 7 spots on a B player for getting 20 spots higher C player… how does that math compute. No one will know for 3-5 years until you look at what you picked and what you could have picked. You gotta wait and see if the teams draft board is smarter than Mel kipper

With all the picks that don’t pan out I’m gonna assume it’s not as easy as the fantasy football draft.

Are the panthers getting a bunch of young guys to grow while still being bad another year to get some early picks next year? Along with the cap, I’d be interested in knowing the in depth strategy. How many X avg guys at whatever positions making X dollars while paying X numbers of guys at X position this amount.

A nasty talented huge tackle is a pick that will always make your offense better

I really like rb Chuba Hubbard. He is small, but quick. I could see CMac and Hubbard on the field at the same time, occasionally, being potentially scary for oppositions.

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