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Unpopular opinion?

I’d bring him in for a workout. It cannot hurt.

However, under no scenario would I sign him to starter money deal, even if he wow’d. He would be a stop gap / backup.

That’s how little I think of our current QB roster. I was a big Cam fan but he is done being a starter. Kap might essentially be the same guy at this point with less wear and tear and a lot cheaper.

Maybe give him an incentive based contract if he looks good. If not, no big deal. He can get back on the plane.

Typical politics disclosure / request. We all know the issues here. No need to debate them. If you wanna factor in the potential annoyance of the media circus aspect, that’s fair game.

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An emphatic NO to Kaepernick. Too much of a distraction


Apparently he wasn’t indicted. Have to admit I was surprised.

The old adage is that any decent ADA can indict a ham sandwich. Guess that got disproven.

Panthers will now proceed to trade their entire team and draft future for him.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have Watson’s talent, but I am terrified of how much Fitt / Tepper are going to gut the team to get him.

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No way Watson comes here. He has a no trade clause, correct? Why would he wave that to come here especially if they trade away the few assets they have.

Bummer. Really liked this guy. But there was no way in hell the Panthers were gonna pony up that much cash for him.

CK is a case of franchise cancer or have you not paid attention over the last 2 or 3 years? I nominate your screen name to Niner Click Bait. OK?

Have not read one story of CK being a cancer to his teammates. On the contrary, they tend to have good things to say about him.

This from 2020:

That has seen several of his colleagues voice that they are behind him getting back into the mix. Former 49ers teammate safety Michael Thomas in his article as a guest writer for NBC Sports’ Peter King’s “Football Morning in America” stated that Kaepernick would be a perfect fit in today’s game.

“He’s the type of quarterback that today’s NFL is built for. It’s built for the mobile quarterback, it’s built for the quarterback who can run but also throw. He’s that dual-threat option. He’s mobile, and he has a big arm that can hit the deep threat. He causes confusion for defenses if he gets into any kind of zone-read option. And obviously the RPO game is bigger than ever.

“Set aside for a second what the league would gain in terms of credibility by bringing him back. From a pure football standpoint, his style fits the league perfectly.”

Moot point as it appears we are going to trade away our entire franchise for someone with 22 civil sexual assault suits against him. Much better human being than CK.

Thanks for the nomination.

If they bring in Watson I’m done with the team as long as Tepper is around. Hell it’s gonna pit a strain on me not to dump CLT FC. You can’t bring in someone with his baggage. I don’t care about the field performance.


^ Ab so LUTE ly!!

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Thought you posted a great write up about how we could fix our O’line in FA but I don’t see it in this thread anymore? Did it get deleted?

Anyway, that’s a decent guard singing, unfortunately we still need probably 3 more, that’s if you think Moton is a lock and this new guy are on the right side. Does Christensen take over at left G maybe? We cannot start the season with the two E’s on our starting line again this year.

CK, if he was any good, would have been picked up by someone already. Remember he wasn’t even a starter when he started his knee stuff.
He had a try out scheduled with the NFL then went squirrely and wanted to move it day of to somewhere of his liking.
He just wants free publicity and you are helping him

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Really don’t think I am moving any needles for him, but thanks for crediting me with that level of influence.

Also he wasn’t healthy then, he is now. That was kind of the point.

And as I said, it’s moot anyway. Tepper is hell bent on giving away the roster to get DW.

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clt says QB1 is obvious

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That would probably put a damper on signing Larry. :worried: