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That is a ridiculous contract for a guy I like, but has not yet proven himself.

WTF is Fitterer doing?

Have not seen that value at all from Ian.

One of worst 5 run programs in league since tepper bought the team.

Indirect impact on the Panthers.

The Carolina Panthers are halting construction on the team’s 50-acre headquarters in Rock Hill, citing unmet financial obligations as part of a public-sector incentives commitment of more than $400 million.

I do’nt think it’s a good idea to trade CMC, could for sure see a team taking him putting him in a wes welker type roll and he has 5 more good years, man I’m not liking the GM or coach the last year on this team…

CMC’s value is very low right now.

Worried that Fitterer is selling low and buying high in this market.

This looks like a big blunder on the part of the Panthers. The facility is over kill in my opinion and now they are figuring out how to pay for it? Plus, if you work for the Panther organization you go from working in Uptown Charlotte to an older uninteresting part of Rock Hill.

Tepper is looking like a real
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Can you imagine if we did that to the AD?

That’s not real

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Woulda been more fun if it was. :panda_face:

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