Centene Investment

This is interesting. The article implies they will be based in U City. Anyone know where?

Not sure exactly but saw another article that mentioned an undeveloped tract in the Research Park with greenway access.

That would be a nice win for the research park. This is great news.

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This campus will be near the intersection of Mallard Creek Road and Governor Hunt Road, in UC.

Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners chair George Dunlap’s district includes University City. He spoke at Wednesday’s event, saying University City is poised to become “a powerhouse” in driving employment and growth, adding Centene would be fostering relationships and synergies with UNC Charlotte


hopefully Centene is willing to recruit Charlotte students for every type of position and not just a few. Like some other companies in this area who reserve certain positions for chapel hill grads


Time to up the game in the U-City. It’s the second highest employment area outside of Uptown, large University, and big corporations (Centene, Wells, Electrolux, TIAA, etc). Entertainment district by Ikea will be nice (including Top Golf 2). Boardwalk renovations need to happen quickly as this area will be a main go to for lunch and after work festivities. Housing options need to improve around the area. Need more and better restaurants. I wish we could redo every shopping center in a 5 miles radius of campus…they are outdated and not that great of tenants (HT shopping center, shopping center where the old kohls was, the shopping center where flying saucer is). U-City is on the rise…but it’s time to ante up and turn this place into the destination it’s bound to be.


Until the get the crime under control I don’t think it will reach it’s potential.

clt is hearing u city is getting a two story wendys.

big if true.


Wendys is ass, its an old people place.


The greenway goes right by their property. I wonder if you could walk from there to the light rail or would that take too long?

A subsidiary of Charlotte’s largest corporate recruit has signed on as a sponsor of the Carolina Panthers, the NFL team disclosed Tuesday.

Wellcare, a company that provides supplemental insurance for Medicare patients, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Centene Corp. The company agreed to a multi-year sponsorship of the Panthers that will include seniors-themed campaigns and promotions.

“Where’s the beef?”

RIP Dave Thomas and Clara Peller

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