Charles Rogers Ordered to Pay Back Lions $6.1 Million of Signing Bonus

Not really surprised that this decision was passed down by the judge. This is the part of the article that made me wide-eyed:

It later came out that Rogers failed multiple drug tests in college, which was a.) the reason for a contract provision in the first place; and b.) a huge red flag. Generally speaking, you don't bet on the idea that habitual drug offenders will clean up their acts when they come into millions of dollars and loads of free time.

a) I don’t remember him missing any games at Michigan State from being suspended for failing a drug test.

b) What the hell were the Lions thinking drafting him #2 overall if they either knew this information or did not do their homework to find out.,232705

I still remember his commercial for Madden.

Because he was an absolute BEAST in college, and who in the NFL doesn’t have those same ‘problems’ that’s a superstar loaded with free time? Few and far between nowadays.