Charlotte 49ers basketball starting lineup (my opinion)

here is my starting 5 that the Sanchize should put on the floor

PG Jon Davis
SG Malik Martin
SF Brandon Younger
PF Dravon Mangum
C Jailan Haslem

i like Najee Garvin and Cooper Robb getting alot of minutes. I dnt know about Vasic and Supica, they have to show me something . as for Bryant Thomas, he led the nation in blocks in high school, im sure the Sanchize can make a defensive presence out of him somehow.

your thoughts guys?

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There is a lot wrong with that post…

If you don’t know the name of the team…not sure I trust you to make lineup suggestions.

Please try again…might I suggest…

The CHARLOTTE 49ers basketball starting lineup…

Pg Davis
Sg vasic
Sf garvin
Pf supica
C haslem

I imagine we might add a 5th year transfer who can start.

clt says don’t forget white.

I sure hope 2+ new guys break into the starting lineup. Otherwise it may be another sub 10 win year.

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I would love for Harlem to not be a starter. I think the Serbs are going to be good. I really believer we were a 14 or 15 win team last season but coaching was a disaster.

What do you need the Serbs to show you? I thought they were two of our better players last year. Vasic was a solid defender and good distributer. I really liked supica’s ability to rebound and score.

This roster is better than 6 wins. We shall see what happens. Max effort on the defensive end + Jon Davis could be fun to watch.

Basic has potential but needs to show a better shot and more minutes for experience. Supica has great hands and touch but plays so soft he might be ok shooting the baseline jumper in Sanchez offense.

Pg- Davis
Sg- Martin
Sf- Younger
Pf- Supica
C- Haslem

I kind of feel like 1-3 are set. Davis is the only one locked in stone, and I feel like Sanchez will want to get his guys in early to develop and learn, so there’s 2 & 3.
4 and 5 I think are huge question marks. Supica had what I consider a great freshman year and I think has lots of potential. Haslem is our only true five, so I went with those two. But who knows, he may go smaller and more athletic with Garvin and Mangum.

Either way I’m excited. We have the talent to win 15 games. Maybe more, since cusa is so bad.

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Haslem…and short leashes on all of them except Davis…we should have a better bench than in the past !

i really like mangum and garvin to produce off of the bench, i think cooper robb is going to surprise us as the backup this year. The kid got spunk

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we might not have the most experience but we do have length and athletisism on the wing. i think we could press a lot this season and create turnovers.

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We are going to win 20+ games.

We are going to be an at large bid bubble team this year

For the conference tourney?

I definitely think we will improve, only one way to go.

what do you think about Bigelow opting out? I was really looking forward to seeing him on the floor.

Me thinks he didn’t want to play D and work as a team to get good shots for whoever is in best position to score. Jus’ guessin’.

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