Charlotte 49ers Begin 2019 Season With New Fan Strategy

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Are varsity partners the folks that toyed with a rebrand a few weeks back? I was thinking nobody does that stuff for free.

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Yes, Same folks.

I hope they do a better job with the fan experience than they did with the new uniform/color branding.

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They do some stuff with Georgia Football, you may have heard of those guys:

This yellow and light green shit makes me gag. Please God, NOOOO!

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If you are going to do some out of the box brainstorming you aren’t going to start with what we have today. I don’t think it is any big deal that they got negative feedback on some of the items. This is how you start to zero in on the good stuff. I am glad somebody is making a run at this.

“If we want to meet that challenge, we have to think differently,” Fuller says. “We’re marketing ourselves to a younger audience. We’re a young institution. We’ve got to find a way to engage our students, our young alumni in a way with a game experience that can be different. I think if our strategy is ‘We hired Will Healy and now we’re going to win a bunch of games, and therefore a lot of people will come,’ that’s a really flawed strategy in this era.”

The 49ers then decided to bring in Varsity Partners to begin to build their new football fan strategy. The group will explore insight from fans gathered at football games and other athletic events this season as all as provide recommendations to improve the fan experience in the future.

A total rebrand is necessary. Retire all logos. Bringing in someone from outside the athletic department is great. Judy Rose insulated herself and the department. Time for fresh eyes, opinions and ideas. Kudos to Mike Hill and staff for taking this on.

Let’s hope changes are made next spring/summer!

That alone is such a breath of fresh air. A big key for us is when we start winning again, we can’t expect that alone to be enough. We’re going to have down years in this process and we need to build that connection to sustain us through that.

I don’t know, I would like to try that “win a bunch of games” strategy for a while and see what happens.


$3 craft beer pints would help motivate people to be at games.

clt says we need to be talking about the student athletes experience and our women’s soccer attendance