Charlotte 49ers Bowl Subdivision Budget

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10:58 AM EDT on Wednesday, May 30, 2007

By DAVID SCOTT / The Charlotte Observer

A Potential Football Budget

Darin Spease, senior associate athletics director for business, presented an estimated annual cost for a potential 49ers football program Tuesday:


Coaches salaries/benefits $1.3 million
Scholarships $1.8 million
Travel $450,000
Game guarantees $300,000
Recruiting $200,000
Equipment $200,000
Preseason $90,000
Officials $75,000
Video operations $75,000
Car allowances $54,000
Administrative travel $35,000
Training room/insurance $175,000
Other expenses $150,000
Total football expenses $4.9 million


Full-time staff salary/benefits $677,000
Part-time staff salary/benefits $90,000
Student staff $20,000
Total football support expenses $787,000
Other expenses
Stadium (rent, operational) $196,000
Total football- related expenses $5.9 million


Salaries/benefits $878,000
Title IX expansion salaries $900,000
Scholarships $712,000
Total $1.6 million
Other expenses
Facility upkeep $120,000
Marching band $250,000
Miscellaneous $180,000
Total $550,000
Total expansion expenses $3 million


$8.9 million

According to an estimate provided by Darin Spease, senior associate athletics director for business, the 49ers’ athletics expense budget would increase from $10.5 million in 2005-06 to $19.4 million for a football program that would kick off in 2012. The number of students who play sports at the school could increase from 240 to more than 400.

The committee hopes to have a recommendation on whether to add football by early 2008.

So, of the estimated $8.9 million that would be pumped into the budget mostly because of football, $1.6 million would be earmarked to add women’s sports – possibly field hockey, lacrosse or swimming. There would be about another 100 female athletes because of the addition of the football team (about 100 players).

“All these figures were realistic,” said committee chairman Mac Everett. “There was nothing left out.”

Spease’s figures even included $250,000 for a marching band.

Spease estimated the program would break even with another $8.9 million in revenues, including $5.9 million based in student-fee increases. Other revenue would come from nonconference away-game guarantees, ticket sales and corporate and donor support.

The fee increase amounts to $300 per student. In a student poll conducted last winter, about 20 percent indicated they would pay up to $400 more to support football, which would begin on the Division I-AA level before moving up to I-A after a minimum of four seasons.

Not included in the football expenses were capital expansion estimates, which would include an on-campus stadium ($75 million) and other new field and facility costs of more than $33 million.

The 49ers would play in a rented facility – perhaps Memorial Stadium – before their stadium could be built.

are these close to what we expected to hear?

[QUOTE=zerogeneticsdc1;252032]are these close to what we expected to hear?[/QUOTE]

Its comparable to ECU’s budget, so its in line with an upper Mid-Major non-BCS DI-A program.

This is supposed to be as close an estimate as we can get. As Spease joked a few meetings ago, right down to the band truck

[QUOTE=zerogeneticsdc1;252032]are these close to what we expected to hear?[/QUOTE]

Yes. Absolutely.

What is interesting to note is that a football program will only cost around $2.5 million/year to operate (including the marching band). It’s the scholarships and jobs that cause the price to be so high.

Scholarships: 2,512,000

Coaches salaries: 1,300,000

Staff salaries (including Title IX): 2,565,000

Money actually going towards football itself: 2,550,000
-Travel $450,000
-Game guarantees $300,000
-Recruiting $200,000
-Equipment $200,000
-Preseason $90,000
-Officials $75,000
-Video operations $75,000
-Car allowances $54,000
-Administrative travel $35,000
-Training room/insurance $175,000
-Other football expenses $150,000
-Other Athletic Dept. expenses (Marching band, Upkeep, Misc.): 550,000
-Stadium (rent, operational) $196,000

Total: $8.9 million

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