Charlotte Alma Mater

this is a really important topic. For those of you who do not know the words to the song, here they are.

Hail University! To you we sing our praise.
May Charlotte’s light dispel the night, illumine all our days.
In Carolina’s crown the brightest gem we see.
Without your power our finest hour would hold no victory.
So let us love your life and cherish your great name.
To aid your cause uphold your laws and your enduring fame.

Charlotte Alma Mater

At the end of every basketball game i ask for you to all stand and honor our alma mater as you would the star spangled banner. Its a tradition that we are trying to restore to this campus. It will also make the alumni really happy if the students respected something that grows near and dear to their hearts.

I dont recognize that at all. The pep band’s version is much better.

I had always wondered why the university as a whole seems to pay no attention to our Alma Mater…I also have always felt like there needs to be more attention payed to our fight song…It’s pretty bad when students know OTHER schools fight songs and not ours.

i would say they know ours pretty decently because my friend keeps begging me to get us to record it one day. The one in the traditions webpage on Charlotte49ers isn’t really the complete version we play any more. So everyone knows that and want us to update that. But its the thought that count in all because if the alma mater is played everyone on campus is supposed to stop and sing it and then keep going. That is just what i’ve heard. But i don’t honestly don’t know if this is true or not. I would in awe if people would stop doing whatever they are doing at the end of the basketball games sing the alma mater and then go back to whatever else they are doing.

Ever been on campus and heard the Belk Tower chiming at 11:55? That is the :slight_smile: alma mater.

yes whenever i hear it i stop and stand still until it finishes playing it.

Perhaps our luck would flow if we had the song start at 11:49 instead of 11:55?

[b]yes whenever i hear it i stop and stand still until it finishes playing it. [/b]

That might be why your late for your 12pm class! :stuck_out_tongue:

i might be late to class but i have a damn good excuse to be late though.