Charlotte @ Cincy Game

Who all is making the trip up to Cincy?

I’ll be there with the NN mafia :ph34r:

49erAlumnus, NinerAl and I will be departing Greensboro Wednesday morning at 8:00am wearing NinerNation shirts.

moss, y’all be careful driving up there. Make sure Chisox has a road map since he’s riding shotgun. :silly:

He may be too busy screaming into his traffic cone to concentrate on the map :lol:

I’ll leave the being careful part to NLP B)

lol i am an expert navigator…well minus the expert part.

moss i guess you have the middle row of seats all to yourself since im sure wonderberger and his girl will be busy in the backseat :smiley:

yeah, I don’t want to be in the back and have to witness the heinous sight of them going at it :rolleyes:

Go ahead and watch moss… this trip is after all an “educational experience.” :biglaugh:


“All I wanna do is ride daddy” Moss :doh:

I went last year (glorious!!), but I can’t go mid-week (work). We’re 4-0 my last 4 appearances (counting at Cincy last year). For luck, all of you going up 75 North, when you get to mile marker 49 in Kentucky, you have to stop at this old dive called…wait for it…the 49er!! It’s basically a convenient store that’s barely surviving. It’s not even marked on the highway board anymore, but it’s there. Go up the ramp, take a left over the interstate, about a block up into an unpaved area!! I know it sounds silly, but I went there for the Cincy game (win) and the CUSA tourney we had with Rodney in Louisville (win). Grab some 49er karma and pull the guys to victory!

The 49er brought me pain last year at the CUSA tournament.


what’s your eta weds?

if you’re interested, we can coordinate the hofbrauhaus appearance, then head up the hill for the game.

gruehls, that traveling band of Niner ninjas is traveling on a tight schedule. However, they likely will make an appearance just to see you.

they still have some beer allowance left over from last year’s tourney.

i know they’re driving on weds a.m., and i know they’re heading back right after the game. if we can’t catch 'em at the haufbrauhaus, we’ll get 'em before we hit the shoe.

there’ll be no mercy tomorrow, on the court or at the bar.
you ready hp?

i have class at 9:30am Thursday morning…somehow I dont know if Ill be making an appearance at that one

[b]i have class at 9:30am Thursday morning...somehow I dont know if Ill be making an appearance at that one[/b]

Yes you will. If not, it’s your fault. We should be back by 8:00 AM.

I plan on picking up the rental vehicle at 7:30 AM and picking those nutjobs immediately thereafter (depending on if Powerbait can wake up). We should be in Cincinnati around 4ish.

I’m going to hate these guys for making me do this when I had a flight about 30 seconds from being booked.

Just make sure Powerbait has his cape packed. And if Chisox isn’t in class Thursday morning Mike P will have a news scoop to tell Chisox’ dad. :fastgun:

lol its all good guys, ill be in class. i didnt know when we would be getting back. big huge thanks to NLP for driving!!!

You’ll likely be driving as we leave Cincy, seeing as you’re the only one who isn’t old enough to drink legally.

[i]Originally posted by Powerbait[/i]@Jan 17 2005, 08:49 PM [b] You'll likely be driving as we leave Cincy, seeing as you're the only one who isn't old enough to drink legally. [/b]
word, i have no problem with that. gotsa keep everyone safe

As I understand it, drunk driving at Cincinnati is a minor offense…

Oh wait, that’s only if you’re the coach.