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Open for all. We added a QB and we’ve also lost one.

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clt says pope to play baseball?

Didn’t know Pope was no longer on the football roster. Seemed like he was good enough to eventually get some playing time in a couple of years.

Sorry to hear that Brady Pope is no longer on the team. I was looking forward to seeing a local kid do well at this premier position. Maybe he can pitch. We need some arms!

Confirmed Pope to play baseball here this Fall.


Does he pitch?

No, he doesn’t.


All our higher rated QB prospects are ultimately busts

I think Kean is the only QB we’ve ever had here with a rating…

Brooks Barden was a 3 star, right?

Yep, he was.

Ah. Good call. Injuries derailed him.

I am thinking we sign at least 2 QBs this year to try to get some depth plus transferring is always an option for them if they do not play

We had Olsen who had been a 4 star out of high school

True but I don’t think he was rated coming out of JUCO.

#11 Kyle Holcomb new to team. Looks like 2nd all time QB in Gaston County

Holcomb played for Mountain Island Charter. Not a knock on the kid but it probably isn’t as hard to get #2 in the county stats when playing in a whole different conference than most of the other schools and at a lower level. 1A vs 3A.

Fairly certain Holcomb was here for the Spring Game.

I’m assuming we lost #92 Nick Martin?